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Die #1 Medizintourismusplattform seit 2014
Zugang zu fortschrittlichen medizinischen Lösungen für alle
Medizinische Koordinatoren
81 zertifizierte Ärzte sind für Sie da, um Ihr medizinisches Problem einfach, effizient und schnell zu lösen.
Max Privalov
Medical Talent Acquisition Specialist
General practitioner. Now performs full life cycle recruiting of top doctors, provides trainings and development of medical teams.
Kate Potapova
Head of Medical Coordinators Department
Practicing neurologist, assistant professor of the Department of Neurology. Participant and organizer of international conferences.
Kate Kochergan
Head of Patient Care Department and Partnership Department
Primary care doctor. Had traineeships in Turkey and Spain. Served the national team of Ukraine at Abu Dhabi 2019 Special Olympics World Summer Games.
Kamran Abbas-Zade
Senior medical coordinator
Practicing gastroenterologist. Specialized in diagnostic and treatment of severe and chronic diseases.
Paul Popkov
Medical coordinator
Primary care doctor, cardiologist. Has 2 years of practice in general medicine and 3 years in cardiology.
Marina Pastukhova
Operations manager
Practicing neurologist, specialist in multiple sclerosis treatment. Certified by Malteser International and Medsanbat.
Victoria Mynyuk
Medical coordinator
Doctor. Manages patients with lung, breast, thyroid cancer, melanoma, gynecologic oncology, and heart surgery.
Marta Volvak
Medical coordinator
Primary care doctor. Participant of specialized medical conferences.
Max Voloshyn
Medical coordinator
Dermatologist, venereologist. A member of the Ukrainian Association of Dermatologists, Venereologists and Cosmetologists.
Anna Petrikova
Medical coordinator
Dentist. Has been practicing for 5 years. Patent inventor (No. 96581 — The use of gag for mechanotherapy in pediatric patients).
Claire Palii
Medical coordinator
Primary care doctor
Medical editors
Our doctors ensure that medical information on the website is accurate and relevant. As no one else, we realize that these qualities in terms of health come first.
Kate Koliko
Team Leader of Medical Coordinators — CIS
The first medical coordinator at Bookimed. Worked 4 years in general practice.
Alina Chestneishaya
Medical editor
Radiologist. Worked in the Institute of Surgery and Transplantology and the Center for Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery.
Fahad Mawlood
Team Leader of Medical Coordinators — Europe, Asia, Africa, North&South America
General practitioner. Winner of 4 scientific awards. Served in Western Asia.
Kate Bonko
Medical coordinator
Practicing neurologist, specialist in acute cerebrovascular disorder treatment. The author of scientific publications.
Kirill Podolinny
Medical coordinator
General practitioner. Manages patients with neurological and neurosurgical conditions, assists them during onsite doctors’ visits.
Anna Vey
Medical coordinator
Specialist in pediatrics, medical psychology, group analysis. Has been practicing in pediatric hospital.
Hugo Staryk
Medical coordinator
Psychiatrist. Has been practicing in the psychoneurological hospital.
Lesia Turuk
Medical coordinator
Practicing neurologist. A member of Ukrainian Association of Neurologists, Psychiatrists and Narcologists. Takes part in medical conferences in Europe (Hungary, North Macedonia, Poland).
Authors do their best so you can find useful, objective, and clear information on the website. We use data taken only from reputable and trusted sources.
Veronica Kazina
Lead editor, author
Has been creating content for more than 7 years including 5 years of medical content writing. Former university lecturer.
Kate Labetska
Head of Content Marketing
Has been creating content for more than 7 years. Has been developing Bookimed content marketing for 3 years.
Valeria Stenka
Lead editor, author
Has been creating content for more than 10 years including 4 years of medical content writing. Editor — 3 years.
Kate Parasyuk
Has been creating content for more than 8 years including 4 years of medical content writing.
Ann Leonova
Has been creating content for more than 6 years including 2 years of medical content writing.
Kate Tregub
Has been creating content for more than 3 years including 2 years of medical content writing.
Ana Gurevska
Has been creating medical content for more than 2 years. Author of over 100 pages on the website.
Eugene Kozlov
CEO & Co-Founder
Eugene Hotyanov
CEO & Co-Founder
Company’s mascot