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Die #1 Medizintourismusplattform seit 2014

Medizinische Reisen sind sicher. Bei uns


is a service of searching for the best medical solutions. We arrange treatment for people from all over the world.








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We are a team
of doctors
who help hundreds of patients find the best hospital
in the shortest possible time.
Our mission
is to provide access to the advanced medical solutions for everyone. We help and support at all steps: starting from the patient’s request to their coming back home after the treatment.
Bookimed values


We believe that global health experience must be available to everyone regardless of diagnosis, citizenship, and financial abilities.


From the first request, the Medical Doctor coordinates with you. He/she takes into account all the features of your medical case and understands what problems patients face.

Freedom of choice

We have an open mind and are not of any medical centers interest. The choice is up to you.


We improve ourselves every day: upgrade the qualification, attend courses, do traineeships abroad. We arrange meetings for our patients with top world doctors to get first-hand recommendations.
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